One of my biggest delights in improv is the meeting of minds, and the minds I was watching were doing something really cool: creating a compelling world, and bringing back the characters, themes, and ideas from that world. I had taken a break from improv after my Level 2 class, and a single question would lead me to return: how did they do that? It felt like magic!

I learned the basic principles of this sorcery in Level 4 and then continued working on those skills through my first improv team and from workshops with the likes of Craig Uhlir and Katie Rich. It was around then that I auditioned for a team focused on creating shows that emphasized these skills. It was a team I’d be a part of for about three years, growing in ways that expanded my understanding of this art form.

Somewhen during that time, I became the coach of a team that also formed out of an audition and started helping them hone their skills in the craft. I worked with that team for a year, and they conjured a final show that filled me with the same joy that had brought me back into the world of improv from that Level 2 hiatus.

One might think the skills are only showcased on Wednesday nights at Endgames, and that person would be wrong. It’s fun to see them pop up in all of our shows, and the discerning eye will notice the sleights. These spells can be cast on any night.

The class numberings have changed, but these fundamentals have not. I’m looking forward to teaching 501, and you can sign up at endgamesimprov.com.

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