Round Trip

I land in Chicago tomorrow, and on Monday, I’ll start a one-week intensive at The Annoyance. During that week, the people I improvise with regularly will by and large not be the people I improvise with regularly upon returning to San Francisco. That means that while next week will be a great opportunity to practice the skills taught at The Annoyance and better internalize that style of play, the return presents the real test to determine which tools become habitual aspects of my play.

That return will be to a community in which I already have an established pattern of play with some folks and one in which others may not be as used to the style I’m taught as my peers from the intensive. Taking the skills that I would learn and making them a part of my long term play will ultimately come from breaking from these preexisting patterns to see what works better for me. To that effect, the intensive is there to give me a running start.

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