Extracurricular Advanced Study

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve met with other graduates of the EndGames curriculum, most of whom have been improvising between two and three years. Our meetings took the form of a practice group, with a Facebook invite that set a goal to create new improv exercises that would break improv kitchen rules and highlight the differences between symptoms of bad scenes from their root causes. Instead, the sessions thus far have been part improv practice but mostly a chance for people to share thoughts about improv and expectations for the San Francisco improv community.

It’s great to see EndGamers openly question conventional improv wisdom and reflect on their experiences, especially with a group that’s invested in getting better and wishes to see the community evolve. We’ve only met twice now, and it might be a few weeks before we meet again. I’m heading to Chicago for the Annoyance intensive in less than a week, but I plan to continue extracurriculars like this when I return.

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