Last night, Cat Dance took a field trip from the comfort of Harold Night to be part of a variety show. We were the first act, followed by Paco Romane and a group from the SF Circus CenterDrea Lusion, Lars Adams, and Griffin Wulf.

A typical Harold Night audience consists mostly of improvisers, many between the  ages of 20 and 40, but the audience last night was more diverse in both of these respects. We ended up playing to a nearly packed house, and almost all of them were seeing us perform for the first time.

“Closet” was our suggestion, and while it’s hard to say from one sample whether our set was influenced by the change in audience demographics, I did notice a few laughs at unexpected places. I got some insight into this when someone from the audience came up to me after the show.

“Have you ever tried getting rid of your worldly possessions?” she asked, referencing a character I had played.

“I’m actually a bit of a pack rat.”

“It’s so common among people my age to want to get rid of our possessions. That’s why I laughed so hard at that part,” she explained. “My friends and I have parties where we trade items and send everything else to Goodwill.”

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