In February, I made an observation. The longest run of fun I’ve had as an improviser was from March 2014 to May 2014. I’ve certainly had amazing and memorable moments since then, and I think I’ve grown as an improviser, as well; it’s just that at that time, my memory suggests that I was consistently enjoying every part of the improv experience in a way that has been less consistent since.

So I decided to ask myself a simple question: why? I started thinking about what changed. Starting around June of 2014, I dropped other extracurriculars and replaced them with either improv or sketch comedy; goodbye, Biking, and see you later, Guitar. I also started performing consistently: at least every other week in June 2014 and by February 2015, nearly twice a week.

When I looked at where I was in February, my involvement in comedy had morphed into a series of commitments. When I improvised in the absence of commitments, as it happened during an October trip to Copenhagen, I felt way more relaxed, and that translated to the stage.

Once I became conscious of this, I decided to reduce my commitments, and as of a few weeks ago, I pared that down to two teams and their respective shows. Even accounting for shows, my commitment is roughly on par with where it was in March of 2014.

Time will tell how this plays out, but I’ve already made one tangible change to my weekly routine. Three weeks ago, I resumed my guitar lessons.

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