One of my coaches shared the article “How to Ruin Your Band Name” with an as-yet-unnamed team that I’m on, and I noticed that one of the other teams that I’m on currently on is an offender of the movie reference rule. Womp!

Our unnamed team has been practicing together for over a month, and we haven’t really needed a name until now: our first show is slated for next week. In the interim, we’ve had a lot of time to bond in the basement of our theater, where we’ve played games based on Will Smith lyrics, run through multiple Harolds, tried out an experimental set, spent five minutes doing a cat dance, and even choreographed a dance of our own. Our scenes have taken us to police departments dependent on psychics, terrifying entomology departments, and into each other’s dreams.

Whatever name we decide on, I can’t wait to share a stage with this group!

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  1. oooo … i didn’t know “that” about our name.

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