Group Mind

When my Harold class decided to stick together as a team, we already had a common history with each other, and it’s continued to build as we’ve grown together. We’ve impersonated each other at a bar, managed rowdy BART riders that wanted to join our conversation about Hanna-Barbera characters, and lost by a single point at a trivia night under suspicious circumstances. This history has helped foster a stronger group mind. I now know whom I can look to when making musical references, trying out some obscure wordplay, requesting an audience with Barack Obama, referencing a character from Parks and Rec, asking for a scoop from Toscanini’s, or pulling plot points from The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

Group mind is a bigger challenge on a team that does not have such a shared history, so a few of us on the new team met up last week for dinner and drinks at a sushi place. When we had our first practice yesterday, we spent the entire time focusing on exercises to foster group mind. It was great. I’m looking forward to more shared experiences and playing with this new group!

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