Attitude for an Audition

I have an audition coming up for a house improv team. It would be exciting to get on the team, in part because it would be another opportunity to play with seasoned improvisers, and I think I would grow a lot from that experience.

What’s a healthy attitude for an audition? Until today, I was worried about polishing my scene work. In fact, I spent some time thinking about whether I could cover some of the gaps there. There aren’t any obvious quick fixes, though; upon further reflection, the people evaluating the auditions have all seen me do scenes before and are aware of what I would need to work on, anyway. With one day to go, scene work is the wrong thing for me to try and fix.

If my goal is to play more often with seasoned improvisers, I would also want those improvisers to want to play with me. Given that, I think the best thing I could do at the audition is to come up with ways to support my fellow players both in scenes and with side support. I guess we’ll just see what happens.

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