A couple weeks ago, I noticed a Facebook invite to attend the baby shower of an improviser I really admire: a karaoke night! My first reaction was to wonder whether this was some kind of mistake. I wasn’t even Facebook friends with the guest of honor.

Then I found three reasons to reconsider. First, a staggeringly high percentage of the people I have met through improv are friendly and supportive, so even if the invite had been some kind of mistake, no one would ever let on. Second, the invite was sent out to the improv community, and I knew for a fact that some others on the invite didn’t pass the Facebook-friend test, either. Third, it was an opportunity for those in the local improv community to support someone whose involvement had played a part in building said community in the first place, and she was about to bring a new life into the world. I went.

Not surprisingly, it was fun. I spent time with a lot of new people, chatted with some familiars, and got some useful improv-related advice, as well. One of those new people was the guest of honor, and while that chance may have eventually come about, anyway, the shower served as a good catalyst.

And of course, there was karaoke. I sang Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and got to witness the singing chops of many others. I was surrounded by musical talent.

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