New Warm Up

One of my favorite exercises from last weekend was the following:

  1. Alice talks about a topic while Bob listens and keeps repeating, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…”.
  2. When Bob finds a “Yes, and…” or “Yes, because…” moment, he talks over Alice and continues the topic from where she left off. Alice then switches to saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…”
  3. When Alice finds a “Yes, and…” or “Yes, because…” moment, she talks over Bob, and they return to step one.

We had a show on Thursday, and I thought it would be cool to try out this exercise as a warm up, so we adapted it by playing the same game in a circle: HH, GC, MD, and me. SD joined in, as well.

By the end, everyone was laughing, and I for one went into the show in a really positive mood. The show was a lot of fun, and while it would be hard to attribute that to this game, I want to keep playing it, so I’m going to start evangelizing.

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